Locate Duplicates like a Pro with Video Fingerprinting

After a while, hard drives fill with data and begin to slow down. The longer we use them, the slower they become. Oddly enough, many of the files eating up drive space are files that we've only accessed once or twice — and yet there they sit. For example, did you know that the average video is about 1GB in size? This may not seem like a lot, but the more videos you have sitting on your hard drive, the higher your loss in computing performance.

Fortunately, the Duplicate Video Search tool lets you locate, modify and remove duplicate video files. Unlike other video detection apps, DVS uses unique video fingerprinting technology. As DVS scans your videos, it creates a small digital fingerprint for each clip containing all sorts of important details that describe them. It then uses the data generated through video fingerprinting to compare and contrast each video.

While other video detection utilities are focused on a quick, surface-level scan of details like duration, format, or filename... DVS digs deeper. During the video fingerprinting process, DVS can recognize subtle differences between videos based on things like cropping, scaling, compression level, resolution and more. No detail is too small to escape the notice of DVS's careful analysis. Clips that might appear to be entirely different to another detector are quickly identified as copies when using DVS.

Save both time and money with Duplicate Video Search. Whether you decide to compare just a couple videos or analyze your entire hard drive, DVS is here to help with the same lightning-fast results. See for yourself what a difference video fingerprinting can make by taking advantage of our free trial. One look at our user-friendly interface and speed of operation and we think you'll agree, DVS is the perfect tool for rooting out and dealing with duplicate video files.

(installation file for Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10)