Find Similar Videos with Duplicate Video Search

Are you the type of person that spends their entire vacation shooting videos? Do you ever attend events and think "this would be so cool to have on video..."? To some extent, we are all that way. It's hard not to be when even our phones are capable of producing high-quality video clips. Everywhere we go, everything we do, we are carrying a little video camera with us. After a while, our devices fill up, and we need to create space. So, we dump the videos onto our computers and think we'll "deal with those later".

Time passes, and there they sit; collecting digital dust. When we try to go back months, maybe years later, it can be difficult to know what exactly we're looking at, and far too time-consuming to watch every single video to know for sure. In a scenario like this, Duplicate Video Search can be tremendously helpful in your efforts to find similar videos. Instead of sifting through a folder full of thumbnails with file names like SAN0031, SAN0032, SAN0033... DVS will automatically do all the "watching" for you!

While other video detection apps concern themselves with analyzing surface qualities like filename or duration, DVS can find similar videos by digging deeper. Videos can be saved as different formats, at different resolutions, using various compression and DVS will still know whether they are essentially the same. The bigger your collection, the more time (and space!) you'll save using the Duplicate Video Search tool.

It's no secret that videos take up a lot of space. The average video size is around 4 GB a piece. Multiply that by 500, and you're looking at terabytes worth of disk space that cannot be used for anything else. When you set out to find similar videos using DVS, you will be astounded by how many there are that you didn't even know about. Best of all, instead of watching every video individually; comparing and making notes; DVS will provide you with a list of results indicating which clips it believes are similar. This helps to narrow the focus of your search efforts.

Modify, move, or delete; however you choose to manage the duplicates, the choice is yours. The user-friendly interface was designed to make the task of locating, modifying, and removing duplicate videos quick and easy. Try it today through the free trial version. Whether you decide actually to remove any videos or not, you’ll gain a much clearer picture of how many clips you have sitting on your hard drive, and to what degree they are similar. For a full range of media solutions; audio, video, books, images and more, visit us at Bolide® Software.