Download Video Comparer to remove duplicate video content

Videos play such an important role in how we communicate and share ideas. We watch them, discuss them, collect and even share them. From complex how-to videos to a child's school play; it seems nearly everyone is making movies these days. Simply put, videos are great except for one minor detail — they take up a lot of space! Fortunately, it's possible to rescue and maintain precious drive space with a video comparer.

Having access to quality video comparer software is essential to keeping your computer organized and running smooth. You don't need to be a professional video editor to have a hard drive that's bogged down with videos. Every time you download, render, rip, copy, cut, paste or save a video, there's a good chance that another video file is generated. Sometimes, we end up with duplicate files. It's not something we intend to have happened, it just does.

Over time, our hard drives fill up, and our machines slow down. Fortunately, thanks to Duplicate Video Search video compare tool, you can locate, modify and remove all those pesky duplicate videos. Based on a unique set of metrics, the video comparer scans your videos and finds those it believes are similar to each other. Once the scan is complete, users are provided a thumbnail list of related videos they can then choose to manage appropriately.

Unlike other video comparison software, DVS looks beneath the surface. Details like cropping, scaling, formatting, compression, and resolution are no match for the keen detection skills of the Duplicate Video Search. After running it for the first time, you'll be amazed at how many duplicate videos you have hidden away on your drives. If after scanning you feel that there are too many results (or not enough) the sliding sensitivity scale lets you adjust the detail to which DVS will search for copies.

See for yourself by taking advantage of the free trial download. Although you may not think that you have any duplicate videos, until you run that first scan, you'll never know. Give DVS a try today and take the next step toward cleaning and organizing your computer. For more great detection solutions, visit us at Bolide® Software. When it comes to smart, multimedia management tools, we've got you covered!