Duplicate Video Search 2.3 Build 124

  • added the ability to add folders to scan with drag&drop
  • added checkboxes to select folders to process
  • added the ability to mark/unmark the entire group in the results
  • fixed loading of some video files
  • better logging
  • we fixed several minor issues

Duplicate Video Search 2.2 Build 104

  • added high-dpi monitor support
  • added displaying estimate remaining time in the status bar
  • added indicating the number of threads in the status bar
  • changed the button icons
  • fixed a problem with the comparison in the multithreaded mode
  • fixed several minor issues

Duplicate Video Search 2.1 Build 102

  • now the comparison process is multi-threaded too
  • added progress displaying for the comparison process
  • added right-click popup menu for the found files list
  • added the ability to open a folder with the file using the popup menu
  • added the ability to clean all the marks set in the results using the popup menu
  • fixed a problem with MPEG file signature calculation

Duplicate Video Search 2.0 Build 100

  • added new video reading mode that doesn't relate on installed codecs
  • added multithreaded scan mode to speed up the process
  • added checking for updates
  • GUI translated to Russian and Ukrainian

Duplicate Video Search 2.0 Build 11

  • older version